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On-Demand code review for security and vulnerabilities

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Imagine the world's top hackers working for your company and testing your site for new hacks and vulnerabilities as they come up. This is what you get when you sign up with Techrate, A 100% guaranteed peace of mind.

We analyze your website from a hacker's perspective and report back with the latest vulnerability findings on a continual basis! Our approach is mainly manual security testing, searching for cracks in your code, database, etc.

We conduct manual penetration tests on websites and web applications. No automated technique can find every vulnerability type. Some categories, such as authorization issues and business logic flaws, will always require a skilled penetration tester. This is what we do best.

Let us detect security issues for you before hackers do. As you hire the best talent for your company to secure your property, you should also be hiring the best hackers for your security to test for venerability.

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How it works

Add your target, verify ownership and start a scan. We will test your website for over 500 vulnerabilities, identify entry points that a hacker could use, and provide you with descriptive reports of the identified security issues

What is Techrate

Techrate is a web security company founded by a team of the world's best security researchers and hackers with years of experience managing people, businesses and building security technologies.

"I really like the service you provide. This is a valuable tool for any website developer or owner"

"This is a valuable tool for any website developer or owner"

" This is a valuable tool for any website developer or owner I really like the service you provide."

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